Monday, May 29, 2017

Alien: Covenant (part two)

Here is the review of Kong Skull from Roger Epert:

I’m not mentioning the difference in approach to condemn the new Kong: quite the contrary. This one—about a team of soldiers and scientists that gets stranded on Skull Island during a mission to map the island’s geological interior with explosive charges, which you absolutely should not do when visiting a place called Skull Island—is a half-magnificent, half-misguided example of a “show me the monster” movie. At its best it reminded me of “The Mysterious Island” and “The Land that Time Forgot,” films that were little more than collections of monster-driven action scenes hitched to a perfunctory story about explorers wandering a jungle, doing stuff they were warned not to do, and getting eaten.

Basically, my point is that Alien: Covenant is a futuristic version of Kong Skull Island. In a future of Robots searching for origin of life instead of humans searching for origin of man.  Instead of who we were (monkeys) its who we become, aliens.
   As with the crew separation seems almost exactly like Kong:Skull Island, and the plot’s storylines was also a crew separated by a storm going to an extraction point. At the end, It turned into a space opera (literally space opera music on the ship.)

My final remark is that I can wait another 5 years for Prometheseus 3 because I could watch the first two over again. Overall enjoyed the alien chase sequences, with a little bit of pop out scares, mutilation and final battle scene. I think an alien should be introduced to the Godzilla, King Kong, and monster universe.

Rating 8/10

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Alien: Covenant

Review: Alien (part 1)

Soundtrack Track List:
  1. Incubation
  2. The Covenant
  3. Neutrino Burst
  4. A Cabin on The Lake
  5. Sails
  6. Planet 4/ Main Theme
  7. Launcher Landing
  8. Wheat Field
  9. Spores
  10. The Med Bay
  11. Grass Attack
  12. Dead Civilization
  13. Survivors
  14. Payload Deployment
  15. Command Override
  16. Face Hugger
  17. Chest Burster
  18. Lonely Perfection
  19. Cargo Lift
  20. Bring It To My Turf
  21. Terraforming Bay
  22. Alien Covenant Theme

Huge fan of pop culture in general but as a writer on blogs, I write screen plays written tailored to epic scenes, and dramatic plots unfolded rather than dialogue. I am sure there is not more than 5% of dialogue. With that being said I introduce you to this section of the blog, Review of the Top 10 Movies (see previous blog post)

First up is Alien, directed by Ridley Scott. You know the man who makes epic movies. You know this is a series of horror film I follow.

My favorite scene from the original Alien is the scene where one guy grabs the hand of the crew members and does five finger fillet on the table. The whole scene captures you and makes your hand want to cringe, and then later there is a scene where he jumps up from the table and realizes that an alien is in his chest.

The whole design of the movie is mind-blowing, direct shots. That is just my opinion in general of the series. I am hoping the movie is going to be great. 

I am listening to the soundtrack and looking at the titles, I can see there is an element of Prometheus in this movie. I actually just listened to Prometheus and the dialogue was great and each character stayed the same, so it was easy to determine who was who by the voice. Alien would just be a more visually appealing version of Prometheus so that’s why I recommend seeing it in theaters.This is perfect because I can now take apart the soundtrack just by the track titles. I can see this has a premise of a location different than the space station. 

Right now, I am going back and rewatching Prometheus and seeing the importance of the planet. They had arrived at a planet, and they have done scientific data from the origins of humans.

The soundtrack says there is a compromise of the mission, a lot of action, maybe slow action (chase), and personal deaths. It seems like it will be like the arrival/ the Martian/ and Prometheus. Basically, one perspective with the enemy using smoke and mirrors. That’s fine, as long as there is killing. I can also estimate there will be flashbacks to the original story, but I am going to watch Prometheus anyway. Then I will put the review of Alien: Covenant.