Thursday, December 28, 2017

What to expect before seeing Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi

I believe it will be 10/10 the middle and then 5/10 at the beginning and end.

In fact, I’m going to walk out when the cheesy ending cliffhanger happens. PSH. I’m not falling for that Hollywood Movie Magic.

This would be 3 for 3 in a row for female protagonist.

It will be a great soundtrack, but bad story line and great cast. So the plot thickens.

Then my next round of guess is who dies? I believe Kylo Ren will die to the hand of the next sith, he already is vulnerable with his scar.

Then I believe Oscar ISsac Will become the leader of the rebellion and get suspicious of Luke Skywalker’s training, and then deface his ego and that will be when Ren will be torn between the rebellion and the Empire and lead a story on her own path.

But of course, it will be less complicated so that’s why I don’t give the story hope. I am seeing this because it got a 93% (by critics ) on rotten tomatoes and I like the soundtracks, even if it’s not John Williams, and will make an exception for the Harry Potter blockbusters too.

For some reason I want to say this will be my last non-indie movie in theaters because as a directory/ photographer. I’m not voting with my dollars. Thanks for reading and share if you agree that the Star Wars movies start slow and have poor plot lines because there never plans to be an end!

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Three Billboards Over Ebbing Missouri l 9.5


This was a lot better than expected. Again a female protagonist. I couldn't say this was anything I could make on my own and say as much as the cast was involved it had the same actor "fruit loops" as lady bird.

I will have to say one thing that I am not good at story telling and would be dragged along w/ any outcome. I can say that the because the guy from Idaho knew Willoughby I could agree that it was him.

Be cause there never was a suspect it might be.

The end of a movie is funny especially in a theater because the audience is sitting there with a lot of questions. I remember seeing the circle and afterwards their was a live q and a with the director. "Why did you change the story?" "What was it like choosing location?" "Was the messages supposed to be like that?" Blah. And  This would have torn the director apart. It's like going to an art exhibit and not caring who the artist is. While not every movie experience can be as great as a screening, it definitely annoyed me walking out without knowing the ending.

Also, whoever wrote the story really had it out for .com america. Like let's kill sheriff, put up nonymous messages,  burn down all the settings, destroy every love with cancer or divorce and get everyone drunk and angry. Whereas online you can't  get heard, you don't need to be held accountable, and you can pretend their is no one policing your online activity, and everyone moves on to the next trending topic.

Best scene was the office with the camera behind the boots of the chief. The worst was beer can thrown at the car it was even more unrealistic. Than the deer behind the billboard.

The Final Preview No Spoilers of Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri

THREE Bilboards..
I think this week have a good cast and better story. From what I have known it's very artsy, and there will be several dialogues happening. From the amazon and online browsing I saw a screenplay available so it lets me know that I should pay a lot of the setting. Since the movie is 2 hours I don't see it being that great all the way and hope that the best scenes are not last.

I Do like the idea of larger than life symbolism and lastly, this again is contingent.dollars a main female protagonist. Great some people just walked into the theater I should probably get a refund now. Luckily I have a earplugs that block background noise.

Lady Bird 8/10

Somewhere between a 7.25- and 8.75

Yes, it was a little new age. The movie was full and I guess it was a romantic comedy. It was like watching silver linings playbook because it felt theatrical while there was a lot of emotional backdrop.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Ladybird Preview


This is on my top 10 because it just seemed interesting. I am seeing this and the Billboards over misosurri. Yes extremely low profile movies and both run around 2 hours back to back. At this point I've rated a good deal of movies and usually come away liking 1-2 of a three category feature. A movie is seen as trivial to a lot of people and not a shared experience and I wonder how I view movies since it's usually an adaption of a book. It's kind of like a museum experience reading the type description and then experiencing it. So category one is the soundtrack, category 2 is cast, and category 3 is director or storytelling. If there would be a ANOTHER IT would be costume design.

Ladybird seems like a true story so I think it will simply just have a good  soundtrack and cast. What i think will happen is that ladybird actress will be a disruptor since that's what people want to see and since it's about religion I think that there will be a strong resolution at the end since most religion stories do.

Thursday, November 23, 2017

2018: A Year Of Art

The First Resolution I would be is to become a rigid person LOL

Possibly a MONK who devotes his life to a stern wooden bed frame in a house I vow to never leave to a career of ritual.

Or maybe I will be a dog trainer, or a web developer, or a satire cartoonist. Either way I want to become something.

  1. For the second resolution I want the freedom to be able to travel and take many more spontaneous trips not only to write about but to explore with art and photography.

  1. My 3rd resolution is that wan to have a year of art. Trying different styles. 2015 was a year of reading 52 books on business, 2016 was a year of reading only fiction, and 2017 was a year of only writing, which turned out to be successful. So now is a year of art, and that’s one piece of art a day. Which is basically what I am doing now with writing. And then highlight the good parts and compile into the best of. To get started on this I will need a good sketch book, and to not lose all my art pencils like I usually do.

  1. Minimalist life in a backpack. I am almost there, since I have less than 8 pounds of clothes, and all of my things fit into two medium tupper bins, and will get it one once I replace my propane stove, kettle, and printer, cot, into something collapsible.

  1. I plan to develop a KPI of a full length project and to no work on too many projects at once, especially if they are new and have not finished my past projects. To do this I will be better at keeping physical folders of projects and limit it to 7 projects and 3 paused projects.

  1. Resolution to take more photos of me and my dog and puppies daily at my job. Because everyone likes to see photos of your dog, since most of my family is dead to me or just obsolete.

  1. My 7th resolution is lift 150 pounds daily and to run a total of 16 miles each week. Surprisingly this will be the most expensive resolution as a gym membership will be needed and 3 sneakers to about almost $500 total. But could compromise if I get a streak of 3 months.

  1. Resolution to be the best version of myself everyday. I remember when I would leave the house in jeans and a polo, and think “preppy” Now I won’t leave the house without a full suit and only black and white with large rim glasses and a complete buzz every two weeks. I just bought a double edge razer so now will shave more often without worry so much, and stay well-groomed.

  1. Resolution to be fluent in writing and reading french and spanish and chinese, or cross one thing off my bucket list each month.

  1. Resolution to use a day planner, Google Calendar and upgrade my Unhinged Titan Workbook to a smaller micro planner and reminder from the index cards to rolodex.

  1. Resolution to not read any books and focus inwardly completely and cut all bad relationships and bad ties from my past including California, Facebook/ Social Media, Family, and old friends to completely start new and be self sufficient and focus on my business, and basically let Shit Hit The Fan

  1. Keep my domains running smoothly for one year and update with big increments quarterly and internally update weekly.

Monday, October 30, 2017

Nerdex 80's Vibe, The Stranger Things 2 Review | WaitWhy

    Of course its better but in what way, whas the dialogue up to par of the first? Yes and who was the main protagonist and antagonist. First this isn’t the first time I came away with mixed feelings but I finished the season in a weekend. Some questions remain are what about the dog in the fridge and what about the doctor in the stairwell and what about the psychic who was number 8, she doesn't look El's age, at all?

    The show ranked a 10/10, its something I strive to do as a director, and is pretty much the Goosebumps of this generation.

    The best scene was probably the one where arcade guy tried to get a date with Mike’s Sister, I liked the sound effects of the bag particularly.

    I have to draw a line in the sand, that this is the final perfect review without changing the soundtrack. I absolutely loved the Soundtrack in the context of Season 1, but now I have to take it as Goosebumps that will not veer away from its audience's taste. Really? I was waiting for some new songs, like Hanging lights and Hazmats, and more but I couldn’t get any. And I was waiting for more 80’s references in wake of Ready Player One, but there was non either unless you call Middle School Parking Lots and White Noise, and cabins a good setting for a scary movie.

Read More Coming Soon.

Monday, September 18, 2017

Dunkirk Review

    And the Oscar for best costume design goes to Dunkirk…Preditction Bold Statement.
    You can skip my banter and read the Vulture’s Oscar Nomination predictions here: “…of those Oscar categories I’ve mentioned, I think Dunkirk is well-positioned to score at least ten nominations” However, the Saving Private Ryan feel of best costume design is looking like the The Darkest Hour or Gaurdians of the Galaxy. I will try to make a case for Dunkirk getting the Oscar.

     First the reason why I believe the movie will be thrown in for the oscars early is because how could it not have better costumes than Harry Potter’s Magical Beasts and Where to Find Them. The Character’s outfits were the most important troupe of the movie and even dictated how much power one had over another. Without a lot of differences in setting, such as the beach, air, and boat, the costumes worn in the movie were perfect.
    Ok first, was that I have to acknowledge that I like military style, especially the kind from the Renaissance Era. You can read more about it in the book Military Style Invades Fashion with men wearing head scarves and hackers who look like they are from the Matrix. Tom hardy’s Character used his costume to convey extreme emotion for a man who plays the villain well. His aviator jacket, with a turtleneck and aviator shades with sunglasses flip was amazing.
    His braided oxygen mask was amazing!!His goggles always let us in suspense in how distressing his eyes were and when he put on his oxygen mask it was very villanous like his Bane Character.
    The costumes worn by the land soldier was also great and very symbolic because the opening scene we see a soldier taking a uniform from another soldier who was being buried. There was a funny scene when Harry Styles gets in one of the lines and then the person in front says Infirmery Only!! Know one knew rank because it was chaos
    After two hours of aerial footage, and exploding dark boats with the same looking people, it made you feel distorted like you were watching an alien spaceship. You lost all hope for the character and personal touch because he was a blink in a sea of the exact same people. That was expected.

   The yacht men’s costume was also well played because it made the clash of any new characters extremely discomforting because the costumes were motifs for forces about to collide, like you wondered if they were going to turn around because of how hostile the clash of citizen and army soldier was. 
    Next was the internal politics I am not going to reference this to the world today because there is absolutely no comparing the scenario to anything that would be plausible. I am just saying there was a prominent theme of internal conflict between the allies and you begin to think would prisoners of war really turn on each other? Well, that’s like saying would prisoners begin hurting each other like pawns in a chess game? So, that’s where I draw the line because judging internal conflict is like judging how one family decides to live.
    Next, I left the theater when the I felt like screaming for something. In the lobby I heard what sounded like a chainsaw, true grit, and wanted to know what movie, then the next steps was to just get in the last 15 minutes. Something finally fucking happened!! Like give me a fucking movie of suspense and I will walk out before the monster shows on the screen I don’t give a Fuck. I seriously thought I was watching March of The Penguins meets Fashion Week in Paris.
    Give me something, give me the fucking transcripts of the radio calls. Give me the number of casulaties per day. Give me something! All I got was a buch of 3 second clips and some shaky cameras with a bunch of people standing still. No communication was portrayed. They were absolutely the worst story tellers, and I am glad it wasn’t a space opera with an even slower love narrative. Does anyone know how to ask a french for a door for a raft?!
    I hope I got the story right, but I definitely see a gripe at an oscar in score ( I wore Mack’s Pillow Soft Earplugs.) Then I would have took the sand bags from the French, and set up a cliff as big as Normany and set up every single infantry man to shoot create a wall of communication to track enemy planes instead of lying in the sand like a 2 year old kid. They weren’t defenseless they were victims of war.

 Review: C-B+
70-85%, Can't Make a Call

1Wonder WomanWB$411,485,5914,165$103,251,4714,1656/2-
2Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2BV$389,806,2474,347$146,510,1044,3475/5-
3Spider-Man: HomecomingSony$330,361,8614,348$117,027,5034,3487/7-
4Despicable Me 3Uni.$261,143,4004,535$72,434,0254,5296/30-

ITWB (NL)$223,021,9184,148$123,403,4194,1039/8/2017

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Dunkirk Preview: Planet Earth For the Big Screen | 07-26-17

Dunkirk Preview:
Listen to the Full Soundtrack At:

01. 00:00 Hans Zimmer - The Mole

02. 05:37 Hans Zimmer - We Need Our Army Back

03. 12:06 Hans Zimmer - Shivering Soldier

04. 15:00 Hans Zimmer - Supermarine

05. 23:06 Hans Zimmer - The Tide

06. 26:57 Hans Zimmer - Regimental Brothers

07. 32:04 Hans Zimmer - Impulse

08. 34:42 Hans Zimmer - Home

09. 40:46 Hans Zimmer - The Oil

10. 46:59 Benjamin Wallfisch - Variation 15 (Dunkirk)

11. 52:51 Benjamin Wallfisch - End Titles (Dunkirk)

The most prominent part of the soundtrack is the sound which makes the listener feel as if hovering in a helicopter thousands of feet in the air away from the maddening crowd. There is something not right with the tempo, and was not expecting this after listening to the Batman Vs. Superman Soundtrack (I’ll reserve judgement.) So with the track favorite, it would be Home.

  The soundtrack alone would make me expect a war movie on the scale of the Planet Earth Series BBC. You know the story behind how it was made, a massive camera on a helicpoter without distrubing the scene but with more detail than a Mercedes car. I highly anticipate that 85% of the movie will be scenes that were directly shot on a helicopter or aerial footage.

  Personally, this soundtrack makes me anticipate a war scenes I prefer. Do I think it would be on the scale of Lord of The Rings with over a million people clashing in a valley? Probably not, but it could be similar to Troy when the thousands of ship arise out the misty sea. However, I can almost guarantee that the Director has come a long way since Spielberg’s War World 2 with shaky cameras on the battleground following around a soldier, such as the one played by Tom Hanks.

At this time, I wanted to introduce a new segment called the Meta Film World:

Currently Playing:
War for Planet of the Apes: Rotten Tomatoes 92%
Baby Driver: 94%
And Radio City Hall has a Hans Zimmer Show playing live.

IMDB Score of Dunkirk: 86%

Ropert And Ebert Score: 3.5/4

The Mummy Review - Good effort, Boring, Merciful Monster Movie

The Mummy Review

    Overall, The movie was definitely better than expected after hearing the reviews. In the review, I will mention the quality of two story lines in the monster movie. One being the Monster Hunters, kind of like an anti Agent Shield (skip if you don’t get the reference.) The next being the overall perspective and how the main character develops on screen.

      The Monster Hunter Group, called Prodigium , which goes into the politics of monsters and social control more than the scientific experiments. They don't like to do a lot of science experiments and have the King Kong storyline approach to villains, capture. I couldn’t believe the mercy story line like in King Kong movies, where they take the enemy as a prisoner, and it develops feelings for someone. In other Mummy Movies, they never tried to contain the Mummy because it was unstoppable power. They definitely could have done better with the monster off-screen than gift wrapping a monster for the screen. It was twenty times better than Kong but was not the relentless movie I saw with Alien Covenant. Bring Van Helsing Back, and kill the beasts!

      One more thing about Prodigium is that Russel Crowe could have been a better contributor to the story if they let him out of his prison environment. Perhaps he could be the Van Helsing, merciless monster killer if he was Mr. Hyde outside of the office.

       Next, the overall excitement was not there. It was not as good as Tom Cruise playing Nick Morton,  the sand soldier, and journalist, and deep sea diver, along with Jen. The soundtrack was good but not very present as much as the high pitch screaming. The story was told phenomenally because it started with Vain and Main Character and ended in a full circle. Can I expect that they buried the mummy in the same place? The story line was told great because it was giving equal dialogue to the villain by sharing their understanding of the world, as much as the need to kill the Mummy and have the antithesis be smoke and mirrors.

    My only problem was that if I entered the movie theater at any one time, I wouldn’t know if I missed the main action scene because everything was squished together at the end. I definitely think they could have made a more climactic middle, and that’s where I think they lost their audience on the boring part.

Rating: 85%

Movie Rankings So Far:
1. The Circle -91%
2. Alien: Covenant - 90%
3. The Mummy - 85%
4. A Cure For Wellness -45%

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Preview The Mummy, Soundtrack Edition.

  1. The Mummy
  2. The Secret of the Mummy
  3. Nick's Theme
  4. Prodigium
  5. Egypt's Next Great Queen
  6. Sandstorm
  7. The Call of the Ancients
  8. A Sense of Adventure
  9. Haram
  10. A Warning of Monsters
  11. The Lost Tomb of Ahmanet
  12.  Providence
  13. The Sand of Wrath
  14. Enchantments
  15. Concourse of the Undead
  16. World of Monsters
  17. She Is Risen
  18. Chaos, Mayhem, Destruction
  19. Sanction of the Gods
  20. Unstoppable
  21. Beyond Evil
  22. Power and Temptation
  23. Inquest
  24. Forward Momentum
  25. Set
  26. Pathogen of Evil
  27. Liberators of Precious Antiquities
  28. Dawn of Evil
  29. Sepulcher
  30. Iniquity
  31. The Calling
  32. Possession of the Knight's Tomb
  33. Destiny 
  34. Sentience
  35. Between Life and Death
  36. The Mummy End Title Suite
The Review from Roper and Ebert (Spelled it Right This Time):

Richard Reoper says its about a mummy princess in modern day London. There is much hope with the cast Crowe and Cruise. He says it was horrible dialogue which sounds pretty fitting with today's time. Nothing like extremely underwhelming so I'll go right into the preview.

  It's the Mummy, and doesn't expect to take home any oscars but to just put a new coat of paint on the original big time blockbuster the mummy. The soundtrack says it stays true to its toolkit of ancient hieroglyphs, true underlying plot twists, and the occasional bad person turns good. So the artist's work is in how they have defined a new ancient goddess into today's society. I give to director who stay within the frame of a plot and doesn't go off the rails. Could you imagine a WWII movie that showed a fantasy side, or that aliens came in to support the Germans? No! The director stays within their frame and walks a line in the sand (no pun intended) I have sat through really boring history lessons on the Romans and more, but I was intrigued because it was true or at least some of it. Here are some things I learned from the soundtrack.

Prodigium: Monstrous in Latin
Amunet: A primordial goddess around 2000 BC
Enchantments: A spell magic shit
Sanctum: A sacred phace within a temple or church
Pathogen: A Bacterium, virus that can cause disease, otherwise the opposite of a enchantment
Sepulcher: A small room built in a rock which a dead person is laid or buried
Senteince: Able to perceive feeling or Feel things (a 6th sense)

    Verdict, I believe the pathogen will be released and the dark princess and Russel Crowe will call it an enchantment, but Tom Cruise will be realistic. I also believe that they will end the plot with a transfer of power to another location, for instance they found the Mummy at place X, and then will end the movie with another find at place Y and will come in a complete circle, and some knight in shining armor will destroy the mummy princess. I also see either Russel Crowe and Tom Cruise not ending the series here, as they are both very into their work whether it be about Scientology or a drama movie by Crowe, it was a very intentional choice of roles.

Monday, May 29, 2017

Alien: Covenant (part two)

Here is the review of Kong Skull from Roger Epert:

I’m not mentioning the difference in approach to condemn the new Kong: quite the contrary. This one—about a team of soldiers and scientists that gets stranded on Skull Island during a mission to map the island’s geological interior with explosive charges, which you absolutely should not do when visiting a place called Skull Island—is a half-magnificent, half-misguided example of a “show me the monster” movie. At its best it reminded me of “The Mysterious Island” and “The Land that Time Forgot,” films that were little more than collections of monster-driven action scenes hitched to a perfunctory story about explorers wandering a jungle, doing stuff they were warned not to do, and getting eaten.

Basically, my point is that Alien: Covenant is a futuristic version of Kong Skull Island. In a future of Robots searching for origin of life instead of humans searching for origin of man.  Instead of who we were (monkeys) its who we become, aliens.
   As with the crew separation seems almost exactly like Kong:Skull Island, and the plot’s storylines was also a crew separated by a storm going to an extraction point. At the end, It turned into a space opera (literally space opera music on the ship.)

My final remark is that I can wait another 5 years for Prometheseus 3 because I could watch the first two over again. Overall enjoyed the alien chase sequences, with a little bit of pop out scares, mutilation and final battle scene. I think an alien should be introduced to the Godzilla, King Kong, and monster universe.

Rating 8/10

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Alien: Covenant

Review: Alien (part 1)

Soundtrack Track List:
  1. Incubation
  2. The Covenant
  3. Neutrino Burst
  4. A Cabin on The Lake
  5. Sails
  6. Planet 4/ Main Theme
  7. Launcher Landing
  8. Wheat Field
  9. Spores
  10. The Med Bay
  11. Grass Attack
  12. Dead Civilization
  13. Survivors
  14. Payload Deployment
  15. Command Override
  16. Face Hugger
  17. Chest Burster
  18. Lonely Perfection
  19. Cargo Lift
  20. Bring It To My Turf
  21. Terraforming Bay
  22. Alien Covenant Theme

Huge fan of pop culture in general but as a writer on blogs, I write screen plays written tailored to epic scenes, and dramatic plots unfolded rather than dialogue. I am sure there is not more than 5% of dialogue. With that being said I introduce you to this section of the blog, Review of the Top 10 Movies (see previous blog post)

First up is Alien, directed by Ridley Scott. You know the man who makes epic movies. You know this is a series of horror film I follow.

My favorite scene from the original Alien is the scene where one guy grabs the hand of the crew members and does five finger fillet on the table. The whole scene captures you and makes your hand want to cringe, and then later there is a scene where he jumps up from the table and realizes that an alien is in his chest.

The whole design of the movie is mind-blowing, direct shots. That is just my opinion in general of the series. I am hoping the movie is going to be great. 

I am listening to the soundtrack and looking at the titles, I can see there is an element of Prometheus in this movie. I actually just listened to Prometheus and the dialogue was great and each character stayed the same, so it was easy to determine who was who by the voice. Alien would just be a more visually appealing version of Prometheus so that’s why I recommend seeing it in theaters.This is perfect because I can now take apart the soundtrack just by the track titles. I can see this has a premise of a location different than the space station. 

Right now, I am going back and rewatching Prometheus and seeing the importance of the planet. They had arrived at a planet, and they have done scientific data from the origins of humans.

The soundtrack says there is a compromise of the mission, a lot of action, maybe slow action (chase), and personal deaths. It seems like it will be like the arrival/ the Martian/ and Prometheus. Basically, one perspective with the enemy using smoke and mirrors. That’s fine, as long as there is killing. I can also estimate there will be flashbacks to the original story, but I am going to watch Prometheus anyway. Then I will put the review of Alien: Covenant. 

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Preview: Top 10 Best Movies of 2017

Predictions for Best Movies of 2017
1. A cure for Wellness
17, February

2.The Circle
28, April

3. Alien Covenant
19 May

4. The Mummy
9, June

5. Dunkirk
21, July

6. Annihilation

7. The God Particle, Cloverfield 3
27, October

Unknown Release Date:
8.Lady Bird

9.Three Billboards Outside of Ebbing Missouri

10.Death of Stalin

Best of 2016: (not another list!)

App of the Year: Stitcher

Gadget of the year: Huwaei Phone with fingerprint scanner[on back *.*]

Article: Wait but why, and anything on AI,

Top New Show: Westworld,

Top Podcast: Decoding Westworld/ Gen Pop,

Top Podcast episode: Political Podcast: Aftermath of Orlando,

Top Fiction Book: The Circle, by Dave Eggers.

Top Non-fiction book: Tools of Titans, by Tim Ferriss,

Front Page Tech: Uber’s Self-Driving Cars Debut in Pittsburgh

Top Failure: United States Economy,