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Dunkirk Preview: Planet Earth For the Big Screen | 07-26-17

Dunkirk Preview:
Listen to the Full Soundtrack At:

01. 00:00 Hans Zimmer - The Mole

02. 05:37 Hans Zimmer - We Need Our Army Back

03. 12:06 Hans Zimmer - Shivering Soldier

04. 15:00 Hans Zimmer - Supermarine

05. 23:06 Hans Zimmer - The Tide

06. 26:57 Hans Zimmer - Regimental Brothers

07. 32:04 Hans Zimmer - Impulse

08. 34:42 Hans Zimmer - Home

09. 40:46 Hans Zimmer - The Oil

10. 46:59 Benjamin Wallfisch - Variation 15 (Dunkirk)

11. 52:51 Benjamin Wallfisch - End Titles (Dunkirk)

The most prominent part of the soundtrack is the sound which makes the listener feel as if hovering in a helicopter thousands of feet in the air away from the maddening crowd. There is something not right with the tempo, and was not expecting this after listening to the Batman Vs. Superman Soundtrack (I’ll reserve judgement.) So with the track favorite, it would be Home.

  The soundtrack alone would make me expect a war movie on the scale of the Planet Earth Series BBC. You know the story behind how it was made, a massive camera on a helicpoter without distrubing the scene but with more detail than a Mercedes car. I highly anticipate that 85% of the movie will be scenes that were directly shot on a helicopter or aerial footage.

  Personally, this soundtrack makes me anticipate a war scenes I prefer. Do I think it would be on the scale of Lord of The Rings with over a million people clashing in a valley? Probably not, but it could be similar to Troy when the thousands of ship arise out the misty sea. However, I can almost guarantee that the Director has come a long way since Spielberg’s War World 2 with shaky cameras on the battleground following around a soldier, such as the one played by Tom Hanks.

At this time, I wanted to introduce a new segment called the Meta Film World:

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And Radio City Hall has a Hans Zimmer Show playing live.

IMDB Score of Dunkirk: 86%

Ropert And Ebert Score: 3.5/4

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