Wednesday, July 26, 2017

The Mummy Review - Good effort, Boring, Merciful Monster Movie

The Mummy Review

    Overall, The movie was definitely better than expected after hearing the reviews. In the review, I will mention the quality of two story lines in the monster movie. One being the Monster Hunters, kind of like an anti Agent Shield (skip if you don’t get the reference.) The next being the overall perspective and how the main character develops on screen.

      The Monster Hunter Group, called Prodigium , which goes into the politics of monsters and social control more than the scientific experiments. They don't like to do a lot of science experiments and have the King Kong storyline approach to villains, capture. I couldn’t believe the mercy story line like in King Kong movies, where they take the enemy as a prisoner, and it develops feelings for someone. In other Mummy Movies, they never tried to contain the Mummy because it was unstoppable power. They definitely could have done better with the monster off-screen than gift wrapping a monster for the screen. It was twenty times better than Kong but was not the relentless movie I saw with Alien Covenant. Bring Van Helsing Back, and kill the beasts!

      One more thing about Prodigium is that Russel Crowe could have been a better contributor to the story if they let him out of his prison environment. Perhaps he could be the Van Helsing, merciless monster killer if he was Mr. Hyde outside of the office.

       Next, the overall excitement was not there. It was not as good as Tom Cruise playing Nick Morton,  the sand soldier, and journalist, and deep sea diver, along with Jen. The soundtrack was good but not very present as much as the high pitch screaming. The story was told phenomenally because it started with Vain and Main Character and ended in a full circle. Can I expect that they buried the mummy in the same place? The story line was told great because it was giving equal dialogue to the villain by sharing their understanding of the world, as much as the need to kill the Mummy and have the antithesis be smoke and mirrors.

    My only problem was that if I entered the movie theater at any one time, I wouldn’t know if I missed the main action scene because everything was squished together at the end. I definitely think they could have made a more climactic middle, and that’s where I think they lost their audience on the boring part.

Rating: 85%

Movie Rankings So Far:
1. The Circle -91%
2. Alien: Covenant - 90%
3. The Mummy - 85%
4. A Cure For Wellness -45%

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