Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Preview The Mummy, Soundtrack Edition.

  1. The Mummy
  2. The Secret of the Mummy
  3. Nick's Theme
  4. Prodigium
  5. Egypt's Next Great Queen
  6. Sandstorm
  7. The Call of the Ancients
  8. A Sense of Adventure
  9. Haram
  10. A Warning of Monsters
  11. The Lost Tomb of Ahmanet
  12.  Providence
  13. The Sand of Wrath
  14. Enchantments
  15. Concourse of the Undead
  16. World of Monsters
  17. She Is Risen
  18. Chaos, Mayhem, Destruction
  19. Sanction of the Gods
  20. Unstoppable
  21. Beyond Evil
  22. Power and Temptation
  23. Inquest
  24. Forward Momentum
  25. Set
  26. Pathogen of Evil
  27. Liberators of Precious Antiquities
  28. Dawn of Evil
  29. Sepulcher
  30. Iniquity
  31. The Calling
  32. Possession of the Knight's Tomb
  33. Destiny 
  34. Sentience
  35. Between Life and Death
  36. The Mummy End Title Suite
The Review from Roper and Ebert (Spelled it Right This Time):

Richard Reoper says its about a mummy princess in modern day London. There is much hope with the cast Crowe and Cruise. He says it was horrible dialogue which sounds pretty fitting with today's time. Nothing like extremely underwhelming so I'll go right into the preview.

  It's the Mummy, and doesn't expect to take home any oscars but to just put a new coat of paint on the original big time blockbuster the mummy. The soundtrack says it stays true to its toolkit of ancient hieroglyphs, true underlying plot twists, and the occasional bad person turns good. So the artist's work is in how they have defined a new ancient goddess into today's society. I give to director who stay within the frame of a plot and doesn't go off the rails. Could you imagine a WWII movie that showed a fantasy side, or that aliens came in to support the Germans? No! The director stays within their frame and walks a line in the sand (no pun intended) I have sat through really boring history lessons on the Romans and more, but I was intrigued because it was true or at least some of it. Here are some things I learned from the soundtrack.

Prodigium: Monstrous in Latin
Amunet: A primordial goddess around 2000 BC
Enchantments: A spell magic shit
Sanctum: A sacred phace within a temple or church
Pathogen: A Bacterium, virus that can cause disease, otherwise the opposite of a enchantment
Sepulcher: A small room built in a rock which a dead person is laid or buried
Senteince: Able to perceive feeling or Feel things (a 6th sense)

    Verdict, I believe the pathogen will be released and the dark princess and Russel Crowe will call it an enchantment, but Tom Cruise will be realistic. I also believe that they will end the plot with a transfer of power to another location, for instance they found the Mummy at place X, and then will end the movie with another find at place Y and will come in a complete circle, and some knight in shining armor will destroy the mummy princess. I also see either Russel Crowe and Tom Cruise not ending the series here, as they are both very into their work whether it be about Scientology or a drama movie by Crowe, it was a very intentional choice of roles.

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