Monday, May 29, 2017

Alien: Covenant (part two)

Here is the review of Kong Skull from Roger Epert:

I’m not mentioning the difference in approach to condemn the new Kong: quite the contrary. This one—about a team of soldiers and scientists that gets stranded on Skull Island during a mission to map the island’s geological interior with explosive charges, which you absolutely should not do when visiting a place called Skull Island—is a half-magnificent, half-misguided example of a “show me the monster” movie. At its best it reminded me of “The Mysterious Island” and “The Land that Time Forgot,” films that were little more than collections of monster-driven action scenes hitched to a perfunctory story about explorers wandering a jungle, doing stuff they were warned not to do, and getting eaten.

Basically, my point is that Alien: Covenant is a futuristic version of Kong Skull Island. In a future of Robots searching for origin of life instead of humans searching for origin of man.  Instead of who we were (monkeys) its who we become, aliens.
   As with the crew separation seems almost exactly like Kong:Skull Island, and the plot’s storylines was also a crew separated by a storm going to an extraction point. At the end, It turned into a space opera (literally space opera music on the ship.)

My final remark is that I can wait another 5 years for Prometheseus 3 because I could watch the first two over again. Overall enjoyed the alien chase sequences, with a little bit of pop out scares, mutilation and final battle scene. I think an alien should be introduced to the Godzilla, King Kong, and monster universe.

Rating 8/10

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